About Me

I am a freelance journalist that has covered a variety of realms in the news world including sports, politics, technology and entertainment. I have a lot of passions in life; hockey, friends, family, MMA, food and traveling (if you consider trips to Las Vegas as travel).

In addition, I have a hidden passion for graphic design.

Most recently, I was a contributor for SNY covering the New York Giants, while most of my time now if focused on freelance projects and web design.

While attending the journalism program at Hofstra University, I served as the managing editor for the university news site, Long Island Report, which won “Best News Web Site” at the Press Club of Long Island awards the previous year and finished third this past year under my tenure. Topics we have covered includes the Presidential debate that was hosted at my university as well as the before and after events during Hurricane Sandy. While I stepped away to focus on finishing my degree, I remained at the editor-at-large for the site, lending my helping hand and expertise during times of need.

In addition, Mashable took a step inside LIR’s News Hub to witness first-hand, our techniques and methods used to cover local news.

For several months, I served as the Northeast regional correspondent for Stadium Journey, a web site that has compiled over 1,000 reviews on sporting venues. I had numerous articles featured in their seasonal magazine and had the opportunity to visit both major, minor and college sporting venues.

To top it all off,  I am the assistant manager of Long Island’s biggest power equipment supplier.

I’ve contributed to sites such as ESPN.com, Big Giants Boom, and Long Island Politics.  I graduated ‘Summa Cum Laude’ from Dowling College in 2010 with a Bachelor’s degree in American politics. Born-and-raised on Long Island, I am still proud to call the island my home at the age of 27. I have aspirations of some day working for a major media outlet, or web-design/graphic design company.


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